As a resolution for 2020, we decided to keep you even more up-to-date on current developments as well as matters regarding our surveys, thereby providing even more transparency as to how we operate. We will consistently update this section, so don't forget to check it out regularly!


21st of August

New Rewards!

  • You can now redeem your points for the We-Vibe Melt and the We-Vibe Chorus. While stock lasts!


30th of July

Survey tab

  • QuestionPro fixed the issue mentioned in the last update on the 30th of June! You can now access the survey tab without receiving error message.


New Survey available

  • Last week everybody in the community received an invitation to a survey about the future of sex toy apps. If you haven't filled that one out yet, we encourage you to do so. You will receive 30 points!


30th of June

Survey tab

  • Currently the survey tab is unfortunately unavailable. You will receive a prompt to update your profile whether or not your profile is up-to-date. QuestionPro is looking into this issue and I'll update you once this problem is resolved. That said, you can still participate in surveys. If you are to receive a survey invitation, just click the link in the email. That link isn't affected by the temporary error on our site.

12th of June

COVID-19 and rewards

  • First of all we deeply apologize that we couldn't ship the community rewards during the heights of Corona crisis in Germany. As the situation is easing up over here, some of you have probably noticed that we have resumed the rewards shipping process. 
  • Please keep in mind that rewards from North America will be dealt with shortly, as we're discussing how to best get the toys to you.
  • Furthermore, please check out the list of countries we ship to. We received reward requests from countries we do not ship to which can be disappointing for those users in question. You can find the list in the FAQ, in the rewards section and in this very news section (entry from Jan 10th).
  • As for future rewards, we'll update you once we've agreed on how to move forward. As for now, there are plenty of vouchers available you can redeem!

25th of March


  • We had some issues with the profile section in the past weeks that would keep people from either updating their profile or from filling it out altogether if they were new. This has been fixed as of last week.
  • The gender question in the profile section has been changed and is more inclusive now. You can now self-describe your gender if you want and you have to fill out what kind of toy(s) (toys for vaginal, clitoral or penis stimulation) you would like to receive so we send you the appropriate products in case of product tests. If you haven't updated your information, participating in any survey will prompt you to update your profile. 


14th of March


  • Our office has been closed as a precaution against COVID-19. Unfortunately this means that the shipping of rewards has been suspended until further notice. Feel free to further post in the forum, fill out surveys and redeem toys, as we will ship all toys once the office officially reopens again. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!


27th of February


  • QuestionPro is experiencing some issues with the profile section. We are expecting an update on the 29th of February. 


503 error

  • Unfortunately, we are still receiving reports about the 503 error which means it has not been entirely fixed. We are in touch with QuestionPro and we hope to see this issue fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, try different browsers or devices as that seems to solve the issue for some users.


Level of discussion in the forum

  • We are very happy with the conduct in our community and we hope it stays this way. Thank you all so much! However, we have received some feedback indicating that one-word answers (like answering "no" to a question asking whether you have experience with something or not) that don't add much to the discussion can be off-putting to some users. If you feel like you can't contribute to a topic with your own experiences, feel free to ask clarifying questions or something else that keeps the discussion going. 


Rewards and points

  • As you're probably aware, this community project is very young and we're still in the process of "calibrating" the points allocation and the reward system. Based on our experiences from February, we have decided that going forward you will receive 5 points for a thread and 10 points for a comment. The new points cap for one month is 500 points. 


24th of February


  • We added the section "What happens after I redeem my points for a reward?" to the FAQ.


7th of February


  • We received a huge wave of reward requests in the first week of February, creating an equally huge backlog that we're currently working on. Please bear with us if you don’t hear from us right away – everyone will receive their toy, however at the moment you should expect a significant delay as all the packing is being done in our office by one person. We hope to deliver all products in February. Generally, expect to wait up to for 4 weeks for your toy please.
  • If you redeemed your reward a couple of days ago and have not received an e-mail yet, please be patient for another couple of days. We'll get to it!
  • Please refrain from spamming comments for points. We are very happy with how our community is growing and with the standard of discussion in general, but seeing users obviously spam for points can be distracting. Let us all work together in creating a pleasant and productive atmosphere!
  • Anyone who spams for points will A) not receive a toy and B) be excluded from the community. 


503 error message

  • QuestionPro has messaged us that the 503 error was fixed. If you had trouble with the “Attitude” or “Click here to start” survey in the past, please try again. If you encounter the error again or if you have other technical issues, please let us know!


New reward soon

  • We will soon add the brand new We-Vibe Chorus as a reward!


Report feature

  • We’re in contact with QuestionPro regarding this feature. The community is highly active, which is amazing, but which can also lead to spam or abusive posts being overlooked. We will let you know as soon as there’s an update! In the meantime, if you find any offensive posts or blatant spam, please message us under!


Chat rooms

  • The chat rooms are finally open! Check them out under “Discussions”.


27th of January



  • Currently we are experiencing technical issues regarding the invitation of testers to our surveys. We conduct surveys regularly so please check out your dashboard for new surveys every once in a while, whether or not you received an e-mail invitation. We are looking to fix this issue ASAP, so that everyone receives an e-mail invitation once a survey or a product test goes online.



  • Please be aware that we will delete your account if you choose to unsubscribe. That is an irreversible process and means that we have no way of contacting you if a survey or a product test launches. 


24th of January



  • On Wednesday a survey invite went out to an unintendedly high number of users, for which we apologize. It was a survey which was deliberately limited to 50 responses and it should have not been distributed to the amount of users it went out to. Generally our surveys do not have a response limit unless there's a very good reason to. There is no need for you to rush through our surveys and there won't ever be unless the point of the survey is to speed in which case we'll let you know. ;) As for Wednesday's survey, we assure you that everyone will receive the final surveys very soon



  • We are very happy with how fast our community has grown in the past couple of weeks, however a side effect of this is that responding to every single e-mail we receive has become a very time-consuming task. We are trying to respond to as many e-mails as we can, but please bear with us if you won't receive a response immediately. In order for the communication between you and us to be as good as possible, we have created this news site, which we are updating frequently. If you have any questions regarding the points in the forum, the 503 error message or other issues, we suggest consulting this news section, the forum and the FAQ first. Thank you so much!


Chat rooms

  • We are currently testing chat rooms and we are looking to introduce them as soon as possible. Stay tuned!


22nd of January



  • The 503 error message is about to get fixed, and we're expecting the update to arrive on the 1st of February!
  • The Chinese error message (check the news from the 6th of January) has been translated. The cause of the error is however still to be determined.



  • We received some e-mails asking whether we'll expand our list of countries we ship to anytime soon. Unfortunately, this isn't planned right now and it's very unlikey to change in the near future. 



  • If you want to fill out a survey and it says "Deactivated by the admin" then this means the survey had a predetermined limit of replies it would accept, before it automatically deactivates. Unfortunately, you were too late then. 


18th of January



  • We added many new rewards! Keep posting, keep inviting friends to the community and keep filling out surveys to earn points and redeem them for free toys!


16th of January


An update regarding points

  • Updated the FAQ and the rewards section with the information that you can receive up to 1000 points per month. You are free to accumulate another 1000 points on the 1st of every month.


14th of January



  • You can now ask your own question to the community with our "Ask A Question" feature. Try it out!



  • All the available free toys have been redeemed! But no worries, we'll introduce new rewards later this week so stay tuned!


13th of January


An update on the points allocation in the topics section

  • The amount of points you receive for comments has been increased from 5 points to 20 points.
  • The amount of points you receive for creating threads has been increased from 5 points to 10 points.
  • The FAQ and the rewards sections have been updated accordingly.


10th of January


FAQ Update: Where do we ship test products to?

  • United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Slovenia


6th of January



  • There is only one free toy left as we are nearing the end of our 1000 points challenge. If you want to be the last user to acquire a Womanizer or We-Vibe toy for free, fill out available surveys and participate in our forums!



  • We are aware of the 503 error message some receive and we are working on a solution. 
  • Some testers reported issues with surveys redirecting them to a page with Chinese letters. We are looking into the matter and will post an update as soon as possible.