Community Rules

1. General Information

The communication in our community should be respectful and friendly. Radical, racist, discriminating, insulting, aggressive, violence provoking or other offensive statements are not welcome and can lead to exclusion. 

2. User

Every user should only have one account. Multiple accounts have to be reported to the admin. Account names and signatures should not be offensive, insulting or racist. Usernames, which refer to a domain are not allowed.

3. Content

WOW Tech reserves its right to edit, delete or move content, if it does not comply with the rules. This can happen without further notice.

3.1 Topics and Idea Board

WOW Tech reserves the right, to check every idea and topic before approving it or even reject it without further notice.

3.2 Topics

Topics should be posted in an appropriate category. Similar topics in different categories will be deleted. Select a meaningful title and try to use correct spelling. Describe your topic as accurately as possible. Some topics may have additional rules.

3.3 External links and other authors

External download links are prohibited everywhere. Please use the in-built function to upload content.

3.4 Input

Make sure that your input makes sense in the context of the topic or idea. THX- or thank you posts are not necessary, you can use the upvote arrow to show gratitude. You should also not like your own topics or ideas.

3.5 Deletion of ideas and topics

As administrators of this community, we are not obligated to delete content. Even if the author wants us to.

3.6 Accusations and criticism

Criticism towards other users has to be constructive. Dislikes for no reason should be avoided. Nobody should be publicly denounced or picked on in our community.

4. Dislikes

Dislikes only serve the purpose of identifying inappropriate posts. You should always follow up a dislike with constructive criticism.

5. Violations of the rules

Whoever violates the rules, will receive a warning. If it happens more than once, your misbehaviour can lead to a temporary or permanent ban from our community. We reserve the right to punish misbehaviour even if it is not specified in our rules.

6. Administrator

You are ought to follow the instructions of the administrator. Decisions are indisputable.

7. Advertisement

Advertisements for other communities are prohibited. The respective posts will be deleted without further notice and the author will be banned from the community immediately.

8. Final clause

We reserve the right to change the rules at any given time.

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Go mobile for convenience on the go

For better experience open in communities app.